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Website Design Company Bangalore

Istasoft is the best web designing company providing best web designing services in Bangalore having experts in creating website that suits for your organization.

Istasoft is a well established website designing company in Bangalore successfully entered in the global market. To create new designs for your organizations we have most creative website designers. At Istasoft we provide best quality web designing, cost effective, time bound and all value added services for technology innovative business solutions which require special domain expert. We are best website designer with high quality standards.

Istasoft designers are a website designing company in Bangalore. We offer services like Email marketing, Mobile application, Branding and design analysis, E-commerce solutions, CMS development, Maintenance programs, Server side scripting, Front-end development, Client side scripting, Usability consulting, Information architecture. These days internet making more businesses and it is essential that website live up to the ideas of concerned people and users. Apart from this the main key characteristics of website is design, which attracts users in big way. A best website design is always likely to make best standards out among your competitors giving you the edge. At Istasoft web Design Company in Bangalore are highly skillful at web designing.

We design and develop the website with features include,

  • Fully responsive
  • Unique web designs
  • Easy to navigate in the website
  • Easy accessibility
  • Fast loading

We at Istasoft understand the primary requirements of a website and then handle the clients from different industries. We create responsive and static website as per the requirements of the client and you can trust the template of the design capacity. And this workout in case you are asking something new and don’t have proper idea what id shall be. We craft your site, we don’t just create your website. We always work hard in every designing phase of the web site. You can expect from us a fresh, innovative clean UI which makes our organization delivered. We always design a website not only for customers but also for the search engines to understand it.

Web designing company in Bangalore is well versed about the essential requirements and can suggest you the best and quality. Selecting the best and quality web designing company is a difficult thing and the achievement of the website will enormously depend on the same. It is always good to recruit the local organization that have an idea about likings of users in your region. For every business website place an important role in the market. Web site development is a one time investment with many returns in the current market. But most of the organizations are in a dilemma where to find the best and quality company that makes our site function effectively and dynamically. Our perseverance and our hard work have determined our success. We mainly concentrate on the high traffic internet home pages with striking visuals, optimized and customized content, adequate user interface details. Our styles and designs and learning process has helped us in providing the special designs to all clients.

Web site development process – Steps

  • Maintenance and updates
  • Understand clients requirements and business
  • Deployment services
  • Determine technology to be used (Custom development/CMS/Static)
  • Design & Offer thematic options
  • Testing
  • Finalize the feel & look, Theme
  • Website coding
  • Content writing

Like CSS, HTML standards the simplest of the web sites can be built. Combine these with the JavaScript and we get most attractive web sites that can also have interactive functionality. Changes are frequent as the size of the web site grows. For that we need to go for CMS (Content Management System). From all the most popular content management system are joomla and wordpress. Therefore these are the core technologies used for the web development team along with the industry standard architecture like PHP (LAMP), Linux, Mysql, and Apache.

What we offer:

  • Google analytics integration to know the website and visitors statistics
  • Uniquely designed home page
  • Annual maintenance service
  • Pages to describe about the business, services and products
  • Professional email service
  • Contact page with the live Google map to make users locate easily
  • Google local listing
  • Enquiry form to get online business enquires directly to your mail box.

Our features:

  • Excellent services
  • Cost effective
  • On demand & Tailor made solutions
  • On time delivery
  • Milestone based payments
  • Friendly and listening attitude
  • Communications in your time zone
  • Dedicated resource allocation
  • C-level people are available
  • One to one point of contact


SEO is the process that aims at generating traffic from the free search, organic and natural results on search engines. SEO includes off page and on page optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results starts with the on page and achieve the result with the help and efforts of off page optimization. When we consider on page optimization it includes textual content, HTML codes and images. Whereas when we consider off page optimization it refers to the back links.

A brand must trust the company for making the website high ranked on search engines. Istasoft is the leading search engine optimization company in Bangalore that make sure you can get freedom from all sort of tensions regarding search engine optimization and SEO rankings so that you can mainly focus on your business.

On page: Istasoft team gathers all relevant data about the on page carried on your web site. Therefore on page activities include:

  • Placement, Keyword research and finalization on each page
  • Content is the king on search engines. We take care in all forms
  • Site map, URL structure and internal links etc
  • Descriptions, Alt, title tags and H1

Off page: It is extremely important for search strategy in order to raise ranking and it also helps to maintain the position. In long it offers positive enquiry conversation to our clients. Apart from this it also helps to raise the visibility and to drive the traffic on the web sites from the visitors.

Online Marketing

Today marketing is undergoing a pattern shift from traditional to being pay to play model. Where large organizations could get away lacking actually attractive the clients. The true rival of opinions and content in progress by the internet has been rapid forward by the volatile increase of social media. Online advertisement is a critical part of business.

It’s a powerful tool in marketing arsenal which used correctly to push content to specific target group could great benefits. Istasoft work with the measurement that is used to compute outputs based on the business goals.

A one stop online marketing is istasoft. Our social media advertising and promotion services are characterized by

  • Diligent monitoring of campaign effectiveness
  • Dynamic and result oriented approach
  • Meticulous execution
  • Powerful planning and strategy
  • Impactful content creation

On target executes and designs social media marketing campaigns that boost multiple target leads, boost traffic and improve brand visibility and enriches with a special place in the online social spectrum.

Our social media marketing series includes:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin and more

Facebook : You are targeting consumer audience or business it is prudent to be seen on Facebook. To establish your impressive presence on Facebook use social knack.

Google+ : It is the second largest networking site with the base of more than 500 million users. It is a raise in important platform to promote themselves.

Twitter : This social media marketing platforms that re defines broadcast media and packs the power to engage an influential target audience and drive the traffic to website.

LinkedIn : Linkedin is the most recognized and strongest business networking sites. It boosts an impressive 225 million active registered users.


Istasoft services offer a glove approach to all things technically. You can custom a package service that fit your specific business needs.

Some of our wide range services include:

  • Network assessment
  • IT support
  • Mobile device management
  • Managed services
  • Project management
  • Remote support and on site and more

Whether you are a large business or small or startup looking or direction in a technical manner a medium enterprise seeking additional support and services resources rely on Istasoft for quality services to meet your needs.

Managed Service: Some of the technology services include

  • Networking monitoring
  • Cloud service
  • Website hosting
  • Hosted email
  • Online backup

Networking monitoring : Istasoft services monitor the users to remediate problems often before a client ware of an issue.

Cloud service : Istsoft services deliver a combination of IT functions such as monitoring, infrastructure and application software.

Website hosting : It offers a variety of web hosting solutions to many clients.

Hosted email : It offers hosted exchange services which allow organization to reap benefits of Microsoft exchange.

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We work on advertising for internal and external communications and always challenge ideas and produce original and creative work that helps your brand stand out.

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